NEW Moisture Mist BB CREAM
    Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy

    Inspired by skincare/ makeup hybrid that’s a cult favourite in Asia, this formula provides moisturising properties and Broad Spectrum SPF while providing enough coverage to be used as a foundation on its own or as a primer.

    It can be used a moisturizer with many skin benefits. It is formulated with Amino Mineral Complex, a compound consisting of magnesium and calcium, to thoroughly replenish the skin and to restore the skin’s natural protective barrier.

    It also contains Oil Control Powder, a natural raw material derived from potato, controls oil and absorbs excess sebum keeping shine at bay. Moreover it is formulated with Vitamin B Derivative to energize the skin leaving the complexion with a healthy looking glow. It has an SPF 40 PA+++ to protect the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays.

    It can also be used as a primer and foundation with also many benefits. The Poreless Powder diffuses light from the skin surface minimizing the appearance of pores and irregularities. Skin is left looking smooth and flawless. This provides the perfect base for the application of foundation.

    It is also formulated with Colour Control Powder to correct dullness and even out skin tone creating a beautifully natural complexion and Oil Control Powder absorbs excess sebum ensuring foundation applied afterwards has extra lasting power.

    Here are some tips for when you purchase the best BB cream yet!

    For use as a foundation- Apply Moisture Mist’s NEW BB Cream as the last step of your morning skincare routine. This provides skin with sheer coverage, similar to that of tinted moisturiser, but is easily buildable to provide fuller coverage.

    For use as a primer- Apply Moisture Mist’s NEW BB Cream all over the face before your favourite Moisture Mist Foundation. Not only will your skin be protected from harmful UVA/UVB rays but this BB Cream will provide the perfect, flawless base for further makeup application and will make your makeup last much longer.

    It's the only all-in-one cream you will ever want!

    Breaking the Ice
    Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy We not only have a number of very qualified staff members with years of experience we also offer a very friendly, community-orientated and down-to-earth enviroment. Here is an introduction to who we are.

    Asma has been a pharmacist for nearly 30 years both in New Zealand and overseas. Asma is innovative when it comes to medicine selection and has a solution for every problem.

    Steel, a dedicated locum pharmacist, works very swiftly and efficiently to dispense your medicines. There are never any queues when he is around. He is the fastest dispenser on the Shore! He is also passionate about soccer, management roles and his recent fiancé.

    Mahabat, another dedicated locum pharmacist,  who is dedicated to the patients of this pahrmacy and always happy to just have a chat. She is passionate about cooking and social gatherings of any kind !

    Nancy is a health sciences graduate and a current pharmacy student who has experience working in pharmacies since 2007. She is an expert about everything pharmacy and conversant about everything health. She is passionate about her work, health and beauty, writing and soccer.

    Caitlin is in charge of everything going on in the shop. She is a very enthusiastic and motivated young team-player. She is passionate about her work and friends and loves to have fun.

    Maria is a dedicated and family-oriented overseas pharmacist. She is a NZ-qualified technician and prides herself on great customer service and satisfaction.

    Ella, our youngest team member, has just finished high school and wants to study medicine. She is passionate about helping underprivileged communities.

    Madeline and Xena are technicians in training. They still have their training wheels on so we would appreciate your patience. Madeline is an overseas pharmacist but now she says she loves New Zealand. Xena loves working in pharmacies and is keen to learn everything.

    Come in even just for a chat or to meet us in person.