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GO Vision Protect is a comprehensive eye formula designed to protect eyes and provide them with the nutrients to support good vision.
Dose: Adults: Take 1 VegeCap daily. Best taken with food

Ingredients: Beta-carotene (4mg), Bilberry (15,000mg), Blackcurrant (fruit powder equiv. to fresh fruit (490mg)), Citrus Bioflavonoids (50mg), Copper (3.57mg), Eyebright (ext. equiv. to (150mg)), Marigold (ext equiv to (9,600mg)), Lutein (12mg), Selenium (150mcg)Taurine (50mg), Vitamin B2 (30mg), Vitamin C (100mg), Yumberry (ext. equiv to fruit (300mg)), Zeaxanthin (800ug), Zinc (equiv. to Zinc 15mg (46.7mg))

60 VegeCaps

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