Avoca wart set

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95% w/w silver nitrate pencil in blue recyclable plastic holder with push-on cap.

One drop of water is sufficient to treat two square inches of tissue. Place a single drop of water, or more if required, on a clean non-absorbent surface such as an upturned drinking glass or stainless steel container.

Gently stir the tip of a pencil/applicator in the drop of water for about 20 to 30 seconds. Silver nitrate from the tip is quickly dissolved in the water.

Touch the area to be treated with the wet tip so that silver nitrate solution is transferred to the area to be treated. Use light pressure, do not press or rub the area with the tip.

Transfer enough solution to cover all the area being treated. Allow the treated area to dry.
After drying, treated granulation tissue will fall away. Repeat for remaining overgranulation.

The treated surface layer of warts and verrucas should be filed away using a fine emery board, for some types of verruca it will be necessary to cut away the hard callous-like surface to get to the soft tissue underneath. Repeat this treatment for remaining wart/verruca tissue until the wart/verruca has gone.